Dog Age Save pictures calculating

Dog Age Save pictures calculating


  • קטגוריה: Lifestyle
  • תאריך שיחרור: 2013-04-02
  • גרסה נוכחית: 3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • גודל הקובץ: 5.44 MB
  • מפתח: JUN KANAYAMA
  • תאימות: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.


If your dog was a human, how old would he/she be? Just take a photo and enter the birthday, we will help you to find out how old he/she is in human years! Then you can also add comments, save and share them as usual! The types that can be registered are as follows Airedale Terrier Akita Alaskan Malamute American Cocker Spaniel American Staffrodshire Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Australian Kelpie Australian Shepherd Basenji Basset Hound Beagle Bearded Collie Bedlington Terrier Belgian Shepherd Dog Bernese Mountain Dog Bichon Frise Bolognese Bordeaux Mastiff Border Collie Border Terrier Borzoi Boston terrier Boxer Brittany Spaniel Brussels Griffon Bulldog Bullmastiff Cairn Terrier Cardigan Welsh Corgi Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Chihuahua Chin Chinese Crested Dog Chow Chow Clumber Spaniel Dachshund Dalmatian Dandie Dinmont Terrier Doberman English Cocker Spaniel English Setter English Springer Spaniel French Bulldog German Shepherd Giant Schnauzer Golden Retriever Great Dane Greyhound Hokkaido Irish setter Irish wolfhound Italian Greyhound Jack Russell Terrier Japanese Kishu Inu Japanese Shiba Inu Japanese Spitz Kerry Blue Terrier Labrador Retriever Leonberger Lhasa Apso Maltese Miniature Dachshund Miniature Pinscher Miniature Poodle Miniature Schnauzer Miniture Bull Terrier Neapolitan Mastiff Newfoundland Norfolk Terrier Old English Sheepdog Papillon Pekingese Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pharaoh Hound Polish Lowland Sheepdog Pomeranian Poodle(Standard) Poodle(Toy) Portuguese Water Dog Pug Puli Rottweiler Rough Collie Saluki Samoyed Schipperke Scottish Terrier  Sealyham Terrier Shar Pei Shetland Sheepdog Shih Tzu Siberian Husky St. Bernard Staffordshire Bull Terrier Standard Schnauzer Tibetan Spaniel Tibetan Terrier Toy Manchester Terrier Weimaraner West Highland White Terrier Whippet Yorkshire Terrier

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