Calculate Comfort

Calculate Comfort


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Entering the Temperature and Wet bulb temperature or Relative humidity or Dew Point Temperature know exactly the state of the air below. Wet bulb temperature Relative Humidity Absolute Humidity (Volumetric humidity) Humidity ratio (Mixing ratio) Dew Point Temperature(Frost point) Atmospheric Pressure Vapor pressure Saturated Vapor Pressure Specific volume Enthalpy Temperature–humidity index(Discomfort index) Easy to input by dialing. You can automatically enter outside temperature and humidity from the weather information. (Please allow use of location information.) The following calculation can be done easily Psychrometric Chart do not use. Set input mode to dew point.With upper dial By increasing or decreasing, sensible Cooling or Heating can be read. Set input mode to Wet bulb .With upper dial By increasing or decreasing,Change in humidification or dehumidification can be read. In the case of steam humidification.Set input mode to Humidity. Temp Input range -50〜100℃  Atmospheric Input range 800hPa〜1200hPa SONNTAG formula to calculate the water vapor saturation pressure.

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