WiFi Map Pro - Free Internet

WiFi Map Pro - Free Internet

על ידי WiFi Map LLC

  • קטגוריה: Travel
  • תאריך שיחרור: 2012-07-27
  • גרסה נוכחית: 4.0.23
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • גודל הקובץ: 122.02 MB
  • מפתח: WiFi Map LLC
  • תאימות: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
ציון: 4
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Get WiFi passwords for FREE internet access all over the world! Useful for TRAVEL! Works offline. *** The most popular WiFi app on the App Store *** Featured by Apple in 95 countries *** TOP 1 in 25 countries *** TOP 1 in Travel category in 40 countries *** Contains 100,000,000 WiFi hotspots! ************************************** USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil ... America, Europe, Asia, Russia and CIS, Middle East, Oceania ― the WHOLE WORLD is in your pocket! FEATURES: - An AWESOMELY COOL and EASY-TO-USE app - FREE unlimited OFFLINE maps - WiFi spots from around the world - WiFi hotspots with tips and PASSWORDS - Smart cafe, hotel, city and country SEARCH - MAP navigation - Get the nearest WiFi hotspot - Define your CURRENT LOCATION offline - Access WiFi hotspots even without a pre-loaded map or an Internet connection - Real time customer SUPPORT JOIN THE COMMUNITY! - Add WiFi spots and passwords - Update old passwords - Share WiFi hotspots with your Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, and Twitter friends NEED WI-FI RIGHT NOW? 1. Launch WiFi Map 2. The app will show the nearest wi-fi hotspots with their passwords 3. Done! You are now connected to a wifi ;) STAYING ONLINE IS EASY: 1) Find the city you are traveling to 2) View & scroll the map around 3) That's it! Now the app can work there without the Internet !!! FOR TRAVELERS: # Offline map: free & unlimited # WiFi tips & passwords # Stay connected worldwide Frequently visited cities (United Kingdom) ◎ Belfast: 400 ◎ Birmingham: 600 ◎ Edinburgh: 600 ◎ Glasgow: 500 ◎ London: 3'800 ◎ Manchester: 400 … ◉ Brazil, São Paulo: 50'400 ◉ China, Shanghai: 3'800 ◉ France, Paris: 1'900 ◉ Germany, Berlin: 2'300 ◉ Italy, Rome: 2'100 ◉ Mexico, Mexico City: 10'100 ◉ Russia, Moscow: 24'700 ◉ Spain, Barcelona: 1'800 ◉ Thailand, Bangkok: 6'100 ◉ Turkey, İstanbul: 7'500 ◉ United Arab Emirates, Dubai: 3'200 ◉ United Kingdom, London: 3'800 ◉ United States, New York: 2'400 - AND 100,000 OTHER CITIES ===================== Join us! https://www.facebook.com/wifimap.io

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  • Not really helpful!

    על ידי Omerblabla
    Don’t buy it. Waste of money! I’m traveling a lot and it never helped me. Even when I remembered to upload the maps before I went offline, all the WiFi passwords are fake! Never got to see a working password here. And also, nowadays, in more and more places, they use more complicated ways to protect public WiFi than a simple password.
  • Nice idea

    על ידי Brian Milliner
    Like the idea. Haven't really used it. Wait till overseas when I only have wifi.
  • avi katalan

    על ידי abitlvvv
    very good
  • Not worth the money

    על ידי Nabilfa
    1. It gives you far connection but fails to point out the close ones 2. Gps not accurate at all? It uses google maps but it puts me at least 100 meters away 3. It works better with internet but the problem is that a need it first to work ao I would have internet 5. Most of the passwords are old, i used it in paris and most of then were dated to 2015 and had been changed by now
  • Isaac Levy

    על ידי IL44
    Bad, Bad, Bad. Sorry but this is a bad app. A waste of money. It gives me far away WiFi but fails to give me what i really need ( Near by WiFi)
  • Sifi map pro

    על ידי globalmedisrael
    New version Super! Must have!
  • Too many is less

    על ידי dbaron44
    The app gives a lot of information about irrelevant not located by your phone, so what for ? It should show only those reachable!!!
  • Ahmad

    על ידי Aboshr5
    I can get the other side of the town home password but i can get the password of the house next to me altho i recommend this app its really helps
  • Good

    על ידי Butadeus
    Огромное спасибо разработчикам, хорошее приложение
  • Mmmmmm

    על ידי Hi an lovr