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  • תאריך שיחרור: 2011-12-22
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  • Adult Rating: 4+
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BUSINESS ENGLISH - video course ■ for executives, secretaries and businessmen ■ useful words, phrases and expressions ■ this course is considered «advances english» - for people with good and basic knowledge in english The primary objective of this course is to offer a concise and practical way to learn necessary, useful and common vocabulary items and key sentences in English relevant to the diverse business topics encountered every day by executives and anyone engaged in the business world. This course does not presume to be a comprehensive course in Business English, but rather a ""business phrase guide"" to help you refresh and augment your knowledge of English. For each topic, a series of sentences are given, divided into a number of areas. Beside each sentence is the translation of the sentence's core word, concept or expression that we believe is essential for understanding the sentence. ************** NOTE: This version includes only few movies from the complete course. Upgrade for the FULL VERSION by clicking the ""ORDER"" button to download all movies. Enjoy! ***************" ■ A good Internet connection is required whilst downloading. ■ Please allow sufficient time to finish and do not disturb the device when downloading. ■ NOTE: After selecting your language - this action cannot be undone! ■ Movies downloaded are viewed offline! (no Internet is required) Topics studied: 1)MARKETING AND SALES 2)BANKING AND STOCK EXCHANGE 3)ECONOMICS AND FINANCE 4)CONTRACTS AND AGREEMENTS 5)RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT 6)MEETINGS AND NEGOTIATIONS 7)CORPORATE MANAGEMENT 8)TRANSPORTATION AND INSURANCE 9)EXHIBITIONS AND TRADE FAIRS 10)ADVERTISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS 11)LEGAL ASPECTS About Us At SPEAKIT we have 25 years of experience researching and producing unique products in the field of language learning - and that research tells us that when it comes to language learning, you’ve probably had enough of old-fashioned textbooks, flashcards, and even audio books! So we put our heads together to figure out the best way to learn a new language nowadays - a way that would grab and hold your attention, help you really understand and remember what you’ve learned, and be convenient and cutting-edge. What did we come up with? The SPEAKIT Online Language Courses. Each course is made up of a set of videos that teach you all of the basic words, phrases, and sentences you need to know, and explain exactly when you would want to use them. But you don’t just see and hear the words. The lessons are taught by presenters in a relaxed and friendly way, so that they feel a lot like a one-on-one session. You can watch the videos in any order you like, jump from place to place within a video, stop and restart… How cool and convenient is that? We hope you enjoy the SPEAKIT Online Language Courses. We sure enjoyed producing them for you!

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