Call Recording Plus Transcripts

Call Recording Plus Transcripts

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  • קטגוריה: Business
  • תאריך שיחרור: 2011-09-22
  • גרסה נוכחית: 10.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • גודל הקובץ: 1.83 MB
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  • תאימות: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
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Record incoming or outgoing calls worldwide. No charges after initial purchase for users in USA & additional countries with local access numbers listed below. All recordings transcribed to text and emailed automatically. Main features of the call recorder: -Users in several countries (incl. USA) get unlimited recordings -mp3 link emailed when you hang up -Transcripts generated and emailed with recordings -Preview recordings in the app just like ios10 voicemail transcripts -2 hour limit per recording -Post to Facebook/Twitter -Upload to your DropBox or SoundCloud account App includes an unlimited length audio recorder: -Post audio to web with one click -Audio recordings of English conversations transcribed automatically -Record,pause,play and save recordings to the cloud -Organize recordings in folders -Share via email or post to fb+twitter Instructions: -Use 10 digits incl. area code for US numbers -For non-US numbers, use a format like 0919880438525 i.e. zero followed by your country code (91) followed by your phone number (9880438525) -Ensure callerid is not blocked -Use the free Test button to check setup -Save Settings; Press the Mic button to begin recording -Press Add Call to dial a contact -When contact answers, press Merge Unlimited local access numbers in these countries: USA UK Spain Netherlands Japan Israel France Brazil Australia My country is not in this list; can I use this app? get 20 recordings with your initial purchase. You can buy packages inside the app for additional recordings.

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  • RL@@@&&

    על ידי RL @@&&&
    Not working
  • Mr.

    על ידי
    This is a very poor piece of half developed software. Shocking to be taking money for this.
  • Dont buy it

    על ידי Talzanzuri
    Its just not working, and complicated !
  • Shame you..... 1 dolar for nothing

    על ידי Rbhhh
    Take money for nothing
  • Waste of money

    על ידי Monkey star 1800
    It's just a waste of time and money!!!! I would be glad to get my money back...
  • אני רוצה את הכסף בחזרה

    על ידי Dragonit14321
    מה זאת האפליקציה הדפוקה הזאת בכלל לא עובדת גניבה של 3 דולר!!!!!!
  • תורידו את זה כבר מהאפ סטור

    על ידי אפליקציה לא תומכת עברית
    ותחזירו לי את הכסף בבקשה
  • Good app but needs some improvment

    על ידי Uservvv
    I'm willing to pay the money for each recording, but please do something about the listed issues: 1. Why there is no help feature in the app? I know i can enter your site but it would be better if there was a build in help feature. 2. Why there is an annoying beep while listening to the recording? There is no such when recording. 3. Why can't I buy more recordings without having the app starting to record right after the purchase? 4. The app sometimes get stuck and sends multiple emails for 1 recording. 5. You could try selling groups of more recording for less money, so that users who use the app more than others will benefit. Thanks!
  • Ripoff

    על ידי Merto madcap
    U need to pay for each recording!!! This is a ripoff