Fun English Kids Learn English

Fun English Kids Learn English

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  • קטגוריה: Education
  • תאריך שיחרור: 2011-04-05
  • גרסה נוכחית: 16.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • גודל הקובץ: 119.11 MB
  • מפתח: Studycat Limited
  • תאימות: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
ציון: 4.5
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English is fun! Learn to listen, speak, read, spell and sing in English! Children and parents can play together. Play 16 colourful games and a daily game for free. Learn 350 words and 85 games in all. Download now and start learning English for free! • 2 Free English Lessons & 16 Learning Games! • Designed by language learning experts for kids aged 3-10 • Course for preschool, early learners & young children studying languages. • More than 6,000,000 parents and kids choose our apps worldwide FUN ENGLISH EXPLAINED Fun English combines a structured English language course with engaging and entertaining games. Our English language course is divided into lessons. Each English lesson teaches core vocabulary and presents words in several contexts to assist learning and retention. Fun English uses male and female voices with both American and English accents. The voices use different tones and expressions so that learners can pick up on the subtleties of pronunciation. Each game is unique, meaning your child will enjoy playing, and learn more of the English language. FEATURES • 6 or more unique games in each fun-packed lesson. • Original music, songs, sound effects and beautiful cartoon artwork • Engaging learning games will keep your child entertained as they learn LANGUAGE LESSONS 2 Free Lessons - 16 Learning Games! • Colours - Say and spell the major colours. • Animals - Meet many animals alone and in groups. Available for in-app purchase: • Numbers - Learn how to count. • The Body - Learn the major parts of the body. • Fruits - Talk about the fruits you like. • Food - Learn how to say the food you want. • Clothes - Describe the clothing people are wearing. • Vehicles - Describe things, like cars and bicycles. • The House - Learn furniture, rooms and where they are. • Sea Animals - Compare things, like sharks and turtles. • School Bag Lesson - Learn classroom objects and whose they are. • Actions - Learn how to use action verbs Buy lessons individually or save money by purchasing our multi-lesson packs. FOR EARLY LEARNERS The variety of games, challenges, and different modes of interactivity can help with other areas of your child’s development: • Play is an important element of your child’s development • Helps your child build motor skills and concentration • Hand-eye coordination is reinforced during engaging activities • Instant feedback helps children understand how well tasks are being performed • Helps your child to use technology in a beneficial and effective way About Us People learn by playing! This is the most true for children and language. Language teachers around the world know that games are the quickest way to teach. They must be imaginative and there must be a great variety. Our apps are designed to provide beginning language learners with an ever-increasing variety of games to ignite their natural language abilities. Players test their dexterity while learning all the building blocks of language. We believe that fun and humour are essential elements of language education. Like our app? Please rate us or write a review to tell us what you think. Need help? Get in touch via our website, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. • More Information: • Get Help and Support: • Facebook: • Google+: • Twitter:

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  • Sivan

    על ידי נגה@
    Excellent app for English learning for kids!!
  • Sharon

    על ידי Erezgo
    The best app for learning esl and for improving language skills for English speakers.
  • Ariel+noyah

    על ידי arielcdo
    Great learning app, fun with the kids.
  • Daniel and or

    על ידי קטו
  • Brilliant!

    על ידי Moonlover07
    This is a fantastic app - very colorful, catchy songs, great games. The only criticism I have is that numbers are only until 10 and the position of things does not change, for example in the fruit game the fruits on the Christmas tree never move, or in the color game where you have to guess the colors the things do not change nor their position changes. However, this is a great app. Well done!
  • Thanks for the game

    על ידי Ilana24
  • Thank you

    על ידי Hilc123
    'I am a nine year old pupil. My teacher lets me play with this after my lesson because the games are fun. Can we have some more games please.'. This is the reaction of all my students. They love this. They work hard just so they can play 'Fun English' But we need some more games. Thanks for adding food.
  • Very educative! Nice ideas

    על ידי Irina054
    My kid learns english as a second language, finally I see application that he can alone learn, without my help. Small tip: give graphical progress bar when user is coloring picture during mixing basic colors, instead of writing English note ( almost there, etc) , sometimes it looks like black, but it doesn't... Definitely we will use it a a lot ! Thanks
  • Excellent app.

    על ידי Color Genius
    Excellent app. Our son enjoys it a lot, while really learning.
  • Wonderful !!!!

    על ידי White yogi
    This app is one of the best apps for kids I saw on AppStore.