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  • קטגוריה: Finance
  • תאריך שיחרור: 2010-12-19
  • גרסה נוכחית: 6.6.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • גודל הקובץ: 39.17 MB
  • מפתח: iBear LLC
  • תאימות: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
ציון: 4
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Manage your personal finances in the most comprehensive manner with Money. Track all your accounts, organize bills, budget your income and expenses, and keep full control over your personal finances. Featured by Apple Over 1.5 million people all over the world manage personal finances with Money. Customers all over the world say that Money app is the best: "It is truly an all in one app. Bill planning, budgeting, and keeping track of transactions…and it is all synced." "Simplicity what makes it superb!" With Money you will: 1. BUDGET INCOME AND EXPENSES WITH EASE. Just plan your income and expenses using detailed categories and input data when you actually spend money; once you analyze the difference between real and budgeted expenditures, you'll find ways to save more. 2. PAY BILLS ON TIME. A whole system of reminders and alerts showing a number of upcoming bills won't let you ever miss a bill payment. 3. TRACK EVERY ACCOUNT (credit cards, checking, savings account, etc.). It doesn't matter how many accounts you have. Download your financial data from your bank through OFX import and keep it always up-to-date with a single tap of your finger. 4. CONTROL ALL YOUR MONEY timely and totally by analyzing a number of sophisticated reports, graphs and diagrams. 5. USE ADVANTAGES OF THE INTEGRATED APPROACH. A bill paid from the bank account will automatically change the account balance and influence your budget. Using your own credit card when paying for business travel expenses you can keep separate accounting for your personal and business expenditures. 6. KEEP YOUR DATA IN SYNC on all your devices: iPhone, iPad and Mac. Money in details: TRANSACTIONS - Income, Expenses, Transfers between accounts - Bills planning - Calendar with a view of all planned/paid/overdue expenses - Recurring and automatic bills - Alerts for bills, which close to due dates or overdue - Additional fields for organizing your records including payee, description, check #, class (personal/business travel expenses) - Attachment of receipt photos and voice comments - Search ACCOUNTS - Unlimited number of accounts in one place (checking, savings, credit card, etc.) - Import of bank statements (OFX files) - Automatic categorization based on previous transactions - Multiple currencies support & automatic update of exchange rates - Accounts reconciliation (balance and cleared balance) - Balance change history BUDGETS - Custom budget periodicity (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.) - Recurring and non-recurring budgets (different budget amounts for every set period if needed) - Categories & subcategories - Multiple budgets - Visual indicators for budget overspending - Budget progress report - Budget progress within each category and as a whole - Budget trend chart in time REPORTS - Budgeted/Actual - Cash flow - Transactions - Assets/Liabilities - Projected balance - Reports by accounts, classes, payees, transaction types, etc. SYNC - Automatic iCloud synchronization (iPad, iPhone, Mac) - Family sync via Bluetooth (iPhone, iPad) - Totally secure MORE - Print and Export to PDF, QIF, CSV formats - Password protection - Backups of your data - Several financial profiles in one app (f.e. personal profile, business profile) - Built-in calculator - 25 languages available QUESTIONS? PROBLEMS? - User Guide - - Feedback & Support - Terms & Privacy - - Money will help you stay on top of ALL your money, providing a clear picture of where you are, where to go and how to save more. Start today!

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  • Great app

    על ידי kor21
    Great app
  • The best app

    על ידי from israel
    I used money 4 then tried other apps and came back with money 5! This app does everything I need and has beautiful design!
  • Get back Bluetooth sync

    על ידי Disappointed_|
    I am very disappointed by ibearsoft canceling of so central feature like Bluetooth syncing between different devices. The iCloud sync couldn't replace it and way less convenient. I hope it will be restored in the next versions, until then I wouldn't recommend to buy this app.
  • לא שימושי

    על ידי Zarboov
    ניסיתי, לא הלך. לא אינטואיטיבי, לא מצאתי איך מגדירים תקציב. לא ניתן לתת כותרת כשמוסיפים ״סעיף״. ממשק מוזר: כפתורים קטנים, תפריטים לא בסיגנון הרגיל לאייפון... אין סיכוי שאשתמש בזה.
  • New app but looks and feel great!

    על ידי Pellegshinsen
    New app but looks and feel great!
  • Yossi

    על ידי Yossi.kat
    Very nice and easy to use Tnx
  • Robert H

    על ידי רוברט
    Hope there will be a search option
  • Adish

    על ידי Adish123
    Nice app. Need to be more simple.
  • לא הסתדרתי עם התוכנה

    על ידי Igemon80
    לדעתי התוכנה לא נוחה לשימוש, כבדה, הממשק לא נוח. חסרות הרבה תכונות שחייבות להיות בתוכנה מסוג זה. חבל על הדולר.
  • Valery

    על ידי valkro
    Very impressive application.