10,000 Interiors: Bedroom & Bathroom & Kitchen, Sauna & Pool, Loft & Patio

10,000 Interiors: Bedroom & Bathroom & Kitchen, Sauna & Pool, Loft & Patio

על ידי Shaman Machine

  • קטגוריה: Shopping
  • תאריך שיחרור: 2010-05-29
  • גרסה נוכחית: 7.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • גודל הקובץ: 10.11 MB
  • מפתח: Shaman Machine
  • תאימות: Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


The set consists of 10,000 INTERIOR IDEAS in resolution up to 2287 x 1414 px. This collection provides pictures of inspirational interiors visualized and designed by some of the world’s best designers. •=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=• FEATURES: ◉ Use one app on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! ◉ Save the Interiors you liked in FAVORITES! ◉ E-MAIL Interiors to your friends and family! ◉ Swipe left or right to slide to next-previous pic. ◉ Zoom, pinch, slide show, save, wallpaper! ◉ Jazz background music && stylish sound effects! ◉ Always new content will come in regular updates! •=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=• We provide ideas & inspiration for making your dream home! Good luck! Your ShamanMachine Team. NOTE: The application requires internet connection (wi-fi or cellular) to check&load images each time it runs. Please configure your mail account on the device before sending email from within the application!

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  • Needles in a haystack, and misleading description! BEWARE, RIPOFF!

    על ידי iphone-3GS-lalex
    You get 3,000, NOT 10,000 pictures, as its title claims. They are unsorted, unlabeled and unrelated pictures arranged in 20 groups of 150, without any possibility to manage them. Some of the pictures repeat themselves, and some are completely unrelated (what are pictures of boats doing here?) There is no way to search, classify or add keywords and on top of that, there is no way to mark any of them as "favorite". This is most frustrating since you can waste A LOT of time browsing through all this haystack of photos until you find those most appropriate to your taste. It's like the author just goes along collecting and adding pics with total disregard for any kind of basic classification and quality. As a result, you can find baroque interiors mixed with minimalist, country, urban or classical and many irrelevant, floor plan cut-outs. Most of the pictures are very old, clearly taken around the late 70s, early 80s. You can find different styles of bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, decoration details, all in the same hapless heap with no way to mark, select classify, remember, etc. One of the more frustrating and useless apps around. Given the misleading title vs what you're actually getting, I'd label this app a total ripoff! It's not even worth the one-star rating, but iTunes forces you go rate it, so here it is, one star for an obvious ripoff.