TwoNav GPS: Premium

TwoNav GPS: Premium

על ידי CompeGPS

  • קטגוריה: Navigation
  • תאריך שיחרור: 2009-12-29
  • גרסה נוכחית: 3.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • גודל הקובץ: 50.04 MB
  • מפתח: CompeGPS
  • תאימות: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.
ציון: 3.5
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TwoNav brings you the best GPS application for smartphones, featuring dual navigation to ensure success in any sports activity (walking, trail running, cycling, mountaineering, MTB, running, geocaching and more), as well as accurate, reliable driving on the road. TwoNav gives you the chance to create personalised profiles for different sporting activities on your smartphone, load all the tracks and routes you want, use practical alarms (deviation from your route, speed limit, etc.) and set useful fields. Take on your outdoor activities with the TwoNav guarantee! _______________________ EXTENSIVE TOPO MAP ARCHIVE in 2D and 3D FREE: TwoNav offers an extensive catalogue of free maps online, including the popular OpenStreetMap and on-line maps or topo maps of Italy, Spain, Canada, the USA and elsewhere, with which to find your way and enjoy the best mapping anywhere in the world. PAID: We also offer you an extensive catalogue of premium 2D and 3D maps: topographic, roads and even satellite images. Discover our maps of Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Africa and South America… from the world’s leading cartographic institutes (Ordnance Survey, IGN France, IGN Spain, Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie in Germany, etc). From now on having premium topo maps offline will be very easy, so that you can enjoy your trips in the mountains and get the most out of your experiences without any need for Internet access. _______________________ UNLIMITED TRACKS, ROUTES AND WAYPOINTS Enjoy direct, unlimited access to tracks, routes and waypoints on the servers belonging to our partners (Everytrail, GPSies, etc.). TwoNav allows you to create, download and share content in all formats (*.GPX, *.TRK, *.PLT, etc.) and browse them as much as you want. Enjoy all your plans just as you always wanted to: save all the tracks from your routes and relive the experience whenever you like. _______________________ ALL THE INFORMATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS With TwoNav you can have fun with more than 80 different data fields, get useful information (speeds, altitudes, distances and more) in real time and use a host of practical Outdoor tools, including personalised deviation from route or heart rate alarms, as well as an authentic 'virtual coach' to make progress in your training sessions. Turn your smartphone into a highly powerful GPS! _______________________ ACCESSORY FOR PC/MAC Use Land software on your PC to prepare and analyse your routes conveniently and in a wealth of detail. Take advantage of the power of your computer to get the best content (maps, tracks and waypoints) on your smartphone. _______________________ E-ROADBOOKS, REAL ROUTE BOOKS With Land software you can create route books with visual instructions, audio, photos, videos and even informative texts for each point of interest on the route and view them on your smartphone while enjoying excellent navigation on all your trips and outdoor activities. _______________________ RELIABILITY ON THE ROAD With TwoNav you can have all the features of a road GPS on your smartphone to enjoy your car journeys -you must be using road maps- with a voice guide, speed limits, radar alerts, route management and a host of other functions. _______________________ TWONAV GPS FREE vs TWONAV GPS PREMIUM Discover the possibilities of our “TwoNav GPS Premium” app: - Create your own personal maps and share them with your friends. - 3D maps: show the actual relief of the terrain you are passing through. - Total personalisation: set up data pages, map window, colours, route finding tools, new profiles and more. - Ad-free: get a full view of the map window. - Work with several files at once (tracks, waypoints, maps). _______________________ IMPORTANT: Purchasing this application through iTunes means it cannot be installed on other devices which do not use the iOS operating system. IMPORTANT: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • Yaron

    על ידי Yaron
    אפליקציה סבירה. המפות של שבילנט מעולות. הקישור לאתרי מסלולים מצוין. אבל, לעיתים (די קרובות) בהעדר קליטה סלולרית - למרות ה GPS, האפליקציה לא מצליחה לטעון ולעדכן את המפות. הבעייה חמורה ביותר כאשר אתה תקוע במסלול לא מוכר ותלוי בחסדי האפליקציה.
  • Tal

    על ידי Talnitzan
    Very bad a waist of money not working with iPhone 6+ didn't use it ever as a registered user when I tried to log in with Facebook it crashes and i can't restore my password the system is not working for me so just didn't find a way that make it to work bad bad bad don't touch
  • Good off-road App

    על ידי שקשק
    You can also download other people tracks online.
  • The October 15 version doesn't connect to GPS

    על ידי Kaftal
    Worthless till they fix it
  • Last update kill GPS

    על ידי Beamspliter
    The last update killed my GPS connection, making the app useless ! Unfortunately when I needed it the most - during MTB tour. Very disappointing.
  • Ha

    על ידי Geronis123
    Last version doesn't work Don't update!!!!!
  • Twonav

    על ידי U500
    One of the Best off road navigation app I found. Tried several others but this one is a winner. Minor bugs, but the developers listen to the users and add new features. Like Excel - easy to use for beginners but as you dive in you find more and more functions for the experts. Highly recommended.
  • TwoNav

    על ידי Yuav1234
    תוכנת הניווט הכי טובה שיש !!!
  • תוכנה מעולה

    על ידי Jo_Pe
    תוכנה מעולה, יציבה ונוחה לשימוש. חסרון אחד שאין אפשרות ליצירת נקודות עניין משותפות בדומה לעמוד ענן. חוץ מזה מושלמת.
  • ביקורת על to nav

    על ידי juri1953
    צריך להשקיע המון בלימוד, ההדרכה אינה מספיקה ודי שטחית