iTalmud - English, HD Vilna Print & Audio Lectures

iTalmud - English, HD Vilna Print & Audio Lectures

על ידי Crowded Road

  • קטגוריה: Reference
  • תאריך שיחרור: 2009-09-24
  • גרסה נוכחית: 4.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • גודל הקובץ: 497.68 MB
  • מפתח: Crowded Road
  • תאימות: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
ציון: 3.5
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"iTalmud takes the crown." - Jerusalem Post "Perhaps the best Jewish iPhone app on the market" - The Jewish Week --- ● HD VILNA PRINT - the brand new "tzuras hadaf" allows for infinite zoom without losing any quality. All daf images are contained with the app without downloading and can even be viewed offline. Search results appear highlighted on the daf itself. Tap and hold on any word to launch the optional Talmudic Dictionary. ● ENGLISH TRANSLATION & SEARCH - A complete, searchable translation with thousands of footnotes, references and insights. ● AUDIO LECTURES - Daf Yomi lectures are fully integrated and 100% free. Choose from a selection of popular speakers (maggidei shiur) in a variety of languages, styles & skill levels. You can listen to a shiur/lecture on any daf and follow along inside with the text or image page view, even when offline! ● PRINT & SHARE - Print or email almost any content from the app. Ideal for Shabbos learning! (Printing requires an AirPrint compatible printer) ● COMMENTARIES - Original page formatting includes all the classic commentaries. The text view includes an option to view commentaries of both Rashi & Tosfos in a secondary window. ● ENGLISH & HEBREW KEYWORD SEARCH - iTalmud features a text search for the entire Talmud. You can then view the page in either a text or image-based format. ● OFFLINE DOWNLOAD MANGER - Due to the large size of the Talmud images and audio lectures, all pages are downloadable on demand and then stored locally your device. You can download by daf/page or by masechta. (Please note that at this stage about 3% of images are still unavailable). ● BOOKMARKS - Create bookmarks so that you can easily return to the page you were studying at a later time. ● “DAF YOMI” CALCULATOR – Integrated “Daf Yomi” calculator allows you to jump to the day’s “Daf” with a single touch. ● NAVIGATION – Browse by Seder (Order), Masechta (Tractate), By Chapter and/or jump to any page (daf) in the entire Talmud in an instant. You can easily flip from one page to the next with a single touch. NEW! Page flipping - now you can also use your finger to flip between pages! ● BIBLICAL REFERENCES - available as an "Extra" module through In-App Purchase. Tap on any verse/pasuk reference within the Hebrew Talmud text and view the full Tanach/Bible text with an English translation or the choice of the most popular classical commentaries such as Rashi, Ramban, and others. ● TALMUDIC DICTIONARY - available as an "Extra" module through In-App Purchase. Tap on any keyword to jump to the relevant page of the integrated, Jastrow-based dictionary. ● Notes - available as an "Extra" module through In-App Purchase. Add your own notes and view other users comments, questions and insights.

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  • Shlomo Stern

    על ידי Shlomo Stern
    I can not load it on my iPhone6s plus It doesn't work after setting screen HELP
  • Search function not working!!!

    על ידי Fire J
    In this update the search function is not working properly. When you enter a word to search it gives you hundreds of "results" which are of course incorrect. PLEASE fix this!!! I bought this app for the search option!!!! :((
  • מאוד מאכזבת

    על ידי
    ראשית אציין שלפני כמה חודשים קניתי במחיר אסטרונומי את אותה אפליקציה מאותה חברה אך בתכסיס נכלולי החברה שינתה קוסמטית את האפליקציה הסירה את הישנה והכניסה את זו כאפליקציה חדשה כך שהייתי צריך לשלם שוב עידכון: החברה החזירה את תצוגת הטקסט והטקסט כרגע נוח לקריאה עם אופציה למסך חצוי המכיל גם רשי או תוספות המחיר כאמור קצת יקר ולכן הדירוג הנמוך
  • Help

    על ידי elhaya
    I bought the Hebrew version and upgraded to English as an in-app purchase, it is gone from the app store. I clicked on this version and I was charged again. Please refund me. Thank you for your great up and awesome update!
  • italmud

    על ידי tsadik
    An excellent application which does everything you want and more. Easy to use and a pleasure to learn from. Highly recommended
  • Great App

    על ידי AviTheLevi
    Very happy, thank you.