Key Cards GCSE AQA Biology

Key Cards GCSE AQA Biology

על ידי Murray Hamilton

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**FOR AQA BIOLOGY AND COMBINED SCIENCE - TRILOGY** 9-1 GCSE AQA Biology has hundreds of facts, processes and concepts that you just need to know. But revising all of these things is a massive job - that’s where Key Cards steps in. COMPLETE AND CURRENT We’ve broken down GCSE AQA Biology into easy-to-learn flashcards - including the required practicals. And everything is written for the 9-1 specification, so you don’t need to worry about learning the wrong stuff. EASY TO USE, EVEN ON THE MOVE Key Cards works wherever you are - you don’t need paper, a pen or a calculator. You can just jump in and do a few cards on the bus or before bed. REMEMBERING MADE EASY The key to remembering the facts, processes and concepts is to review them repeatedly over time. That sounds like a hassle, but Key Cards includes an automatic review system for effective revision. All you need to do is answer the cards - you'll be told when to look at them again. NO ADVERTS OR IN-APP PURCHASES You'll get all of the content as soon as you buy the app - nothing's hidden behind in-app purchases or adverts. SUMMARY * 9-1 GCSE AQA Biology broken down into easy-to-learn flashcards * Covers AQA Biology and Combined Science - Trilogy, at higher & foundation level * Flashcards on the required practicals * An automatic review system, designed for effective revision * All you need is the app - nothing needs writing down or working out on a calculator * No in-app purchases or adverts

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